Greenwaste is any type of brush or grass, from any type of plant. In addition, most pallets are accepted in the greenwaste pile, as well as unpainted and untreated wood. Dirt, sod, painted and treated woods, particle board and plywood are considered Solid Waste and should be disposed on the tip floor as garbage.

Greenwaste transported to the Transfer Station in plastic bags must be emptied before being disposed, and the bags disposed of as trash. Trash and dirt mixed with greenwaste loads must also be disposed as trash.

Greenwaste drop off is available to the public at a per ton fee lower than the solid waste tip fee. The greenwaste rate at the Mad River Compost Facillity and Hawthorne Street Transfer Station is currently $90/ton (7.5 cents/lb), with a $7.00 minimum for up to 140 lbs. 
Approximately 85% of the greenwaste brought to HWMA’s Hawthorne Street Transfer Station is composted at the Mad River Compost Facility in Arcata, while the remainder is used as fuel to produce energy at local bio-mass facilities.
In 2016, between the self-haul and curbside recycling programs, 4,000 tons of greenwaste was received at the Hawthorne Street Transfer Station.


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Greenwaste Drop Off Fees
Minimum Fee (up to 140 lbs)
Per Ton (4.5c/lb)
Regional Facilities (Fees Vary)
Mad River Compost Facility
(707) 822-8035
Recology Eel River
965 Riverwalk Dr
(707) 725-5156
Humboldt Sanitation
2585 Central Ave
(707) 839-3285