Eureka Recycling Center

The Eureka Recycling Center is available for public recycling drop-off (containers, appliances, used oil, electronic and universal waste) and is currently the only place residents can redeem their CRV material in Eureka and surrounding areas. 

The Eureka Recycling Center is also a state- certified appliance recycler. Several HWMA employees have EPA 608 certification, qualifying them to safely remove mercury switches and ozone-depleting refrigerants from waste appliances. After removal of all hazardous wastes, these “white goods” are baled and marketed as scrap metal.

HWMA is a certified Electronic Waste Collector. Electronic wastes, such as televisions, computers, radios, and microwaves are accepted for a nominal fee. These items are then logged, palletized and transported.

Source separated non-CRV recyclables, such as cardboard, rigid plastics, and scrap metal, are densified onsite by use of a two-ram horizontal baler. These baled materials are then sold as commodities, typically to buyers in Oregon or the San Francisco Bay area.

For businesses that qualify under AB341 (Mandatory Commercial Recycling), selfhauling your recyclables is just one of many ways to become AB 341 compliant. If your a business and have never heard about AB 341 or you already know about the law but want to find out more please click here.



CRV Redemption Buyback

Please make sure all bottles and cans are free of liquids or debris, bottle caps should be left on bottles.

$1.64 (Segregated/lb)
$0.104 (Segregated/lb)
#1 Pet Plastic
$1.28 (Segregated/lb)
$0.41 (Segregated/lb)
#2 HDPE (High Density Polyethylene)
$0.58 (Segregated/lb)
#3 PVC
$0.48 (Segregated/lb)
#4 LDPE (Low Density Polyethylene)
$2.04 (Segregated/lb)
#5 PP (Polypropylene)
$0.55 (Segregated/lb)
#6 PS (Polystyrene)
$5.49 (Segregated/lb)
# 7 Other (Pouches & unspecified resins)
$0.31 (Segregated/lb)
Refund payment by size container:
less than 24 oz: $0.05/container. Greater than or equal to 24 oz: $0.10/container
Drop Off These Items At No Charge.

#1 - #7 Plastic Containers & Bottles

Mixed Ridged Plastic 

Corrugated Cardboard 

Mixed Glass

#2 HD Natural 

These Items Accepted for a Fee
Appliances Without Freon
No Charge*
Freon Appliances ( Refrigerators, Freezers, Air Conditioners)
Large Commercial Appliances
Televisions/Computer Monitors
Other Electronic Waste( Microwaves, Computer Towers, VCR/DVD players etc)
Other Items
Fluorescent Tubes
First 10 at No Charge, $.20/ft* after that
Compact Fluorescent Lights
(First 10 at no charge), $1.00/each* after that

* Prices Subject To Change