Hawthorne Street Transfer Station

The Hawthorne Street Transfer Station serves as the regional disposal location for our member agencies and the general public.

It recieves over 60,000 tons of municipal solid waste annually from residents all over Humboldt County.

Tarp Your Load

Uncovered trucks and trailers are a large source of litter and debris along Humboldt roadways. Please do your part to secure and cover your load.

Reduce Your Load By Recycling First

HWMA offers a "One-Stop Service" to make it convenient for you to reduce, recycle and properly dispose of materials before waste is deposited into the landfill. Seperate your materials before you visit, and take all recyclable materials to the Eureka Recycling Center you may also reduce your costs.

CRV Material 

Recycling Drop off

Electronic Waste


Make An Appointment For Your Hazardous Waste

Household Hazardous Waste appointments are now available Monday- Friday 9am-3:30pm. Call (707) 441-2005 to schedule an appointment, as these materials will not be accepted at the Hawthorne Street Transfer Station. 

You may click here for more info.

All Loads Are Subject To Hazardous Waste Load Checking

Hazardous and other prohibited materials, may not be disposed at the Hawthorne Street Transfer Station. If hazardous materials are found in loads, the customer or hauler is responsible for all costs associated with the removal and management of the hazardous materials. Classification of all materials are subject to Authority personnel’s discretion at the time of acceptance.