Used Oil

Recycle home-generated used oil and oil filters. There are many locations that have a low to no-cost program for recycling used oil and filters. If your oil has water, antifreeze or other contamination, please take it to the Permanent Household Hazardous Waste Facility (707) 441-2005.

Businesses that need to recycle oil or filters should schedule an appointment with the Permanent Household Hazardous Waste Facility (707-441-2005).
Most sites below are free, and some are low cost (marked with an *). Some sites are state Certified Collection Centers and can pay you $0.10 per quart ($0.40/gallon), if you request the recycling incentive when you give them your used oil. See who is certified here:

Ever wonder if changing your oil every 3,000 miles is actually necessary? The State of California has started an education campaign to simply have drivers check their manual for the proper oil change interval. They started this because cars have come a long way since we all started changing our oil every 3,000 miles. HWMA used the Check Your Number website to check two of our company vehicles. It turns out the proper oil change interval for our small truck is every 7,500 miles and our mid-sized truck's interval is every 6,000 miles.

What does it say for your vehicle?
Check your number here

Funded by a grant from the California Department of Resources, Recycling and Recovery (CalRecycle).
Franklin's Service (707) 822-1975
Eureka Recycling Center (707) 268-8680
Expert Tire (707) 443-1616
Harvey M Harper Co. (707) 443-7311
Lithia Chrysler Dodge of Eureka (707) 442-3781
O'Reilly Auto Parts (707) 444-9457
O'Reilly Auto Parts (707) 268-8285
Leon's Car Care Center (707) 444-9636
Lube Rack (707) 444-2844
Premier Oil Change (707) 445-5823
AutoZone (707) 495-1370
Oreilly Auto Parts (707) 725-2795
Shelton's Auto Lube (707) 725-1370
Table Bluff Reservation (707) 733-5055
Humboldt Sanitation* (707) 839-3285
O'Reilly Auto Parts (707) 840-9007
McLaughlin & Sons (530) 627-3437
Redway Transfer Station* (707) 923-3944
Rio Dell  
101 Auto Parts (707) 764-3224
Weitchpec Transfer Station  
Willow Creek  
Frank's Garage (530) 629-2709

*Fees apply. Call the location for current charge.