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Asbestos Disposal


Up to 250 pounds of non-friable asbestos, separated into packages not to exceed fifty pounds each. If a resident has more than 250 pounds total, then they must follow the policy and rules for business disposal (see 
Business below). The residential rates are limited to quantities of 250 pounds or less only.

Only Non-Friable Asbestos will be accepted. 

The material will be wetted (wet down or sprayed with water). The asbestos material is then placed into a plastic bag that is 6 mil or thicker, such as a "construction bag" and the opening of the bag is secured with duct tape or similar tape. The resident will purchase a second outer bag from HWMA for a cost of $2.00 for each respective package of material. The outer.bag is packed and sealed again with duct tape or 
similar tape, then labeled by the customer with the date, name, and address of the generator/hauler. We provide the labels at no charge. 

Residential handling fee is $10+ weight* 

No appointment is required for residents with 250 pounds or less.  We rely on our hazardous materials team, safety and compliance officer, tip floor supervisor, or senior management to help the resident identify the type of asbestos if necessary. 

Common types from residents include transite cement pipe from flues of furnaces and water heaters, cement water and sewer pipe, asphalt 9 inch floor tiles, cement board house siding, and back boards for wood stoves. 



Larger quantities of non-friable asbestos will be accepted, however a series of steps must be completed or the load may be refused. Asbestos in any amount must have analytical lab results. These results will be reviewed by the hazardous materials team or senior management. If approved as non­-friable, then the business is allowed to make an appointment during the work week only, weekends or holidays will not be available for appointments. Packages must be wetted as above, presented in double wrapped 6 mil plastic well secured with duct tape or similar tape. Our outer bag may be used, but is not required. 
If not pre-boxed, contractor staff will carefully load the packages into an awaiting Gaylord box on a pallet. 

Business handling fee is $10+ weight*


* Prices Subject To Change