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Green Waste

Green waste is any type of brush or grass or non fiberous plant. In addition, most pallets are accepted in the greenwaste pile, as well as unpainted and untreated wood

Green waste transported to the Transfer Station in plastic bags must be emptied before being disposed, and the bags disposed of as trash. Trash and dirt mixed with greenwaste loads must also be disposed as trash.

Green waste drop off is available to the public at a per ton fee lower than the solid waste tip fee. Franchise collection rate per ton direct delivery to Mad River Hardwoods (Wes Green) $94.81/ton.

These items are NOT accepted in the greenwaste: Dirt, sod, palm fronds, bamboo, painted wood waste, pressure treated woood, dirt and garbage


Green Waste Disposal Fees

Minimum Fee (up to 120 lbs):  $8.00
Per Ton:  $130.71