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Solid Waste

Below you will find the pricing fees for materials. Pricing is subject to change.

Solid Waste

Minimum Fee (up to 120lbs): $12.00
Per Ton: $192.41/ton

Green Waste

Minimum Fee (up to 120lbs):  $8.00
Per Ton:  $133.31/ton

See our green waste page for more information.


Minimum Fee (up to 400lbs): $2.00
Per Ton: $10.00/ton

Non-Standard Waste

Bulky Items (e.g, sofas, stuffed chairs):  Regular Solid Waste Drop Off Fees apply.
Mattresses and Foundations:  No Charge
Household Batteries (Small Amounts Only): No Charge* 
Non-Friable Asbestos:  $10.00 plus weight
Pressure Treated Wood:  $10.00 plus weight
Tire, Semi Truck or Smaller, On or Off Rim:  $9.00
Tire, Over‐Sized (Grader, Solid Rubber, Foam‐Filled, etc.):  $180.00

* For large amounts of household, business, or automotive batteries, please see our Hazardous Waste facility.

  For more info regarding the proper handling and disposal of Asbestos