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Universal Waste

Introduction to Universal Waste

Universal wastes are hazardous wastes that were determined to pose a lower immediate risk to people and the environment compared to other hazardous wastes.

These universal wastes are widely produced by householdsand many different types of businesses. California’s hazardous waste regulations identify eight categories of hazardous waste as “universal wastes”



Many batteries contain heavy metals which can contaminate streams, rivers and the surrounding land.  Because of this potential enviromental impact, batteries should not be disposed of in the trash or in your recycling bins.

Drop off your home-generated batteries (non-auto) at the following locations at no charge.

Auto Batteries and up to 125 pounds of small household batteries are accepted at the Household Hazardous Waste Facility located on Hawthorne Street. 

Incidental amounts may be disposed of at dedicated locations at the Hawthorne Street Transfer Station when dropping off solid waste.  

Household Battery Drop-Off Locations

The following lcoations are avalible to residential customers only. Business or automotive batteries will not be accepted at the locations. Please see our Household Hazardous Waste facility for large quantity, business, or automotive batteries.


Pierson's Building Center
4100 Broadway St
(707) 441-2700

Shafer’s Ace Hardware
2520 Harris St
(707) 798-6041

Shafer’s Ace Hardware
2760 E St
(707) 442-5734


Arcata City Hall
736 F St
(707) 822-7091

Hensel's Ace Hardware
884 9th St
(707) 822-2965

Sunny Brae Ace Hardware
86 Sunnybrae Center
(707) 822-7009

Northern Humboldt

Blue Lake City Hall
111 Greenwood Road
Blue Lake
(707) 668-5655

Humboldt Sanitation
2585 Central Ave
(707) 839-3285

Mckinleyville Ace Hardware
2725 Central Ave
(707) 839-1587

Southern Humboldt

Organic Grace
906 Redwood Dr
(707) 923-1296

Ferndale City Hall
834 Main St
(707) 786-4224

Valley Lumber
657 Shaw Ave
(707) 786-4011

Rio Dell City Hall
675 Wildwood Ave
Rio Dell
(707) 764-3532


Electronic Waste 

Electronic Waste

HWMA’s EUREKA RECYCLING CENTER IS PERMANENTLY CLOSED.  Electronic waste is being accepted at the locations listed below.  Contact them for details about which specific items they accept.

Electronic waste or “E-Waste” may contain lead, mercury, cadmium, chromium or other heavy metals. When disposed in the landfill, these toxic materials can leach into our waterways and soil, damaging personal and environmental health.

The following items are considered E-Waste:

  • TV's
  • Computer Monitors
  • Printers
  • Computer Towers, Keyboards, Mice, Wires
  • Cell Phones
  • Microwaves
  • Items with circuit boards or a digital face

Products that run on electricity but do not have circuit boards are considered regular trash.  This includes items like speakers, rotary phones ,and vacuum cleaners.

Electronic Waste Disposal Locations

The following locations offer E-Waste disposal. Contact the locations listed for pricing.

Recology Eel River
965 Riverwalk Dr
(707) 725-5156

Humboldt Sanitation
2585 Central Ave
(707) 839-3285